„Your tax consultant in Hamburg”



Tax advising services

  • Preparation of all tax returns
    • income tax
    • trade tax
    • corporate tax
    • turnover tax
    • heritage tax
    • gift statements
    • Verification of tax demands
  • negotiations with the tax office (appeals) or with the Financial Court (lawsuits)
  • help with audit
  • opinions and assessments for tax questions
  • preparation of best tax transborder formations
  • advisory services for independent business people

Book keeping and annual accounts

  • monthly and quarterly book keeping
  • turnover tax advance return
  • summarizing messages
  • cash basis accounting
  • annual accounts (tax balance sheets/ tax results from the trade balance)
  • electronic publishing of annual accounts


  • Salary and remuneration statements
  • tax registration
  • registration, checkout, change notifications at health insurance funds